“On October 7th, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens were recruited to military reserve duty, leaving their families to protect their country. The spouses staying behind (usually the wives) struggle for their family’s resilience – they do their best to maintain the family routine, while coping with high level of stress and anxiety around the constant concern for the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones. The challenge only increases as time goes by and the uncertainty around how long this is going to be. They very often feel unseen and alone in their struggle. We are here to reach out and give back to them.”
“Seeing You” was design to support the spouses, to let them feel seen and appreciated for their contribution. We are committed to their wellbeing at home while their loved ones are serving at the front.

We have established “Seeing YOU” for those spouses :

•To make them feel SEEN as we see their struggle and we appreciate their contribution.

•We are committed to their wellbeing at home while their loved ones are serving on the front lines.

:We offer the following supporting services

  • Emotional and mental support sessions to increase their psychological resilience, providing therapeutic and unwinding sessions.
  • Parental Guidance by experienced therapists to smoothen challenges with children’s needs as they react to the absence of their parent with fears, anxiety, anger, sleep difficulties etc.
  • Physical relaxation and stress relief by massage, acupuncture, shiatsu and reflexology. Our well-trained professional therapists help them reducing the accumulated stress levels, anxiety and physical pain.

OUR package

The “Seeing You” package includes five one-hour long sessions with professional therapist. Additional packages will be considered according to the participant needs. Each participant also contributes a small fee to support the program.


Every participant in the program meets all the following criteria:
o Participant’s spouse is in active combat military duty (professional and reserve).
The participant has young kids (younger must be under 12, or have special needs).
o Participants must apply for this support and be willing to sign the relevant terms.
o Participant is willing to pay the participation fee.

When you donate 1,000 NIS (apx. 300 USD) you support another family.


This initiative was formed to address an eminent need. It was formed by a small group of people looking to support those around them. The entire program is run by people donating their time, skills, and energy to make this important initiative a reality. 100% of the funds are dedicated to the therapists’ fee – there are no overhead expenses at all.

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